June 29 2000: comments from Tom on the latest ELF disarmament:
Trident Trigger Topples

The Trial of the Nonviolent 'Sergeant Rock'

Remember Phil Berrigan this March 20

from the Mar 2000 issue:

185 Arrests at Faslane
86 Arrested: No Sanctions!
Plowshares Indicted; Trial March 19
Peace Team to Vieques
Bangor Blockade Not Charged
Mark Colville in Court

Behind the Walls Addresses
Heart to Heart, Prison to Prison



...and come visit us also at
the Peace Force!

from the Jan 2000 issue:

Warthogs disarmed!
12,000 at SOA: NO
The Battle of Seattle
Protesters Halt Bomb Convoy
Naar-Obed goes to Alderson
NATO disclosure
Jury: No-Nuke Spraypaint OK
Banner Over Billboard

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