Feb 26 - Mar 7: GUATEMALA: Witness for Peace delegation to examine indigenous rights and peace process. (202)588-1471.


1-8: GLOBAL ABOLITION DAYS: an international week of actions, education and lobbying for disarmament, leading up to the NPT Review. Abolition 2000, 1187 Coast Village Rd. Suite 121, Santa Barbara CA 93108; email: a2000@silcom.com; phone (805)965-3443.

4: MENWITH HILL UK: "Capture the nonviolent spirit of Seattle" big happening at the spy base.  Campaigning for Accountability of American Bases. Email: caab.lindis_anni@virgin.net

10: COLUMBUS GA: Trial in federal court of 23 who were arrested at SOA November, 1999. SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington DC 20017; (202) 234-3440.

16-19: BURLINGTON NJ: "Building a Culture of Peace" conference. Elise Boulding, David Hartsough, (610)566-4507 ext. 133.

18-25:  Chiapas: Alternative Spring Break with Witness for Peace, (202)588-1471.

19: Festival of Hope for Plowshares Vs Depleted Uranium. Contact Jonah House, (410)233-6238.

20: TOWSON MD: Trial of Plowshares Vs Depleted Uranium begins. Jonah House, (410)233-6238.

24:  NORTHLAND COLLEGE, ASHLAND WI: 7 p.m. Peace for the Earth concert, Jenny Mahan, benefit, Northland College Peace Club. phone (715)682-1250. Email: thastings@northland.edu

31 - April 2:  Penn State U: Solidarity Conference, activist skill-building. (814)867-4761.


1-9: Guatemala City: NISGUA delegation. (202)518-7638.

2-3: Washington DC: SOA Watch lobby of Congress. Rally on Sunday, vigil on East-Center Capitol steps Monday. SOA Watch, PO Box 4566, Washington DC 20017, (202)234-3440.

6-19: Washington DC: Fast to close SOA. Contact information above.

8-9: Y-12 plant, Oak Ridge TN: Civil resistance at the uranium processing plant. Email: orep@earthlink.net; Phone: (423)483-8202.

9-16: Washington DC: Training and NV actions to shut down the IMF and World Bank. United for a Fair Economy, phone: (202)423-2148 or email: mprokosch@ufe.net

14-17: Washington DC: International conference/lobby days for nuclear-free space including protest at Treasury Dept. Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, POB 90083, Gainesville FL 32607.

15: Andover MA: “Death and Taxes-Break the Link” Bread and Roses Affinity Group action, Raytheon war profiteers plant. (978)688-3569.

15-October 24: San Francisco: Future Generations’ Prayer Global Peace Walk 2000, War Memorial Building. Will be in Washington DC by October 8 for Indigenous People’s Day, in NYC at UN by October 24 for UN Day. Yucca Foundation, POB 170245, San Francisco CA 941177-0245; phone (415)863-2084; Email: GPZONE2000@aol.com

24-May 19: New York: Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty 200 Review Conference. Joint Abolition 2000 there to take a stand. Abolition 2000, 1187 Coast Village Rd. Suite 121, Santa Barbara CA 93108; Email: a2000@silcom.com; phone: (805)965-3443

24: Hennepin Co MN: 8:30 a.m. jury trial of the 65 arrested November 1 at Alliant Tech weapons manufacturer. Phone: (651)698-9352 or email: AlliantAction@circlevision.org


11-14: Nevada Test Site: Gathering and nonviolent direct action. Healing Global Wounds, phoen: (760)852-4175; Email: heal@kaynet.com

12-14: Duluth MN & Clam Lake WI: Mother’s Day weekend demonstration to close US Navy ELF, trigger for nuclear war. Dar Williams in concert Friday, workshops & fun Saturday, nonviolent direct action Sunday. Nukewatch: phone (715)472-4185; Email: nukewtch@win.bright.net or, Anathoth Community Farm, phone (715)472-8721; Email: anathoth@win.bright.net

14: Washington DC: Million Mom March to the Capitol on Mothers’ Day demanding sensible gun legislation. www.millionmommarch.com (In Duluth, Gail Schoenfelder, 728-5796)

19-22: Aldermaston, UK: Nonviolent disarmament camp at the UK nuclear bomb works. tp2000@gn.apc.org


4-30: Washington DC: Peace Power 2000!, a series of four week-long education and training courses offered by Global Peace Services, PO Box 27922, Washington DC 20038 or phone: (202)216-9886


1-August 9: Washington DC: People’s Campaign for Nonviolence. Daily nonviolent direct action for peace. Box 271, Nyack NY 10960; phone: (914)358-4601; Email: peoplescampaign@forusa.org

6-9: Washington DC: International war tax resistance and Peace Tax Fund conference. Catholic University, phone (202)483-3751; Email peacetaxfund@igc.org


29 - January 6 2001: Puri, Orissa, India: War Resisters International conference, “Nonviolence and Social Empowerment.” For dates and details: WRI, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1, 9DX, Britain; email: warresisters@gn.apc.org