from the Nov-Dec 1999 issue:
Tridents found illegal
Observations on the Greenock decision
Bread not Bombs retrial: guilty
October action at ELF
Edmunds joins council
Heart to Heart, prison to prison
NATO disclosure
Nuremberg Inspections
Two tried in Duluth
Resisters sentenced


A Thanksgiving Day Meditation
by Tom

from the October 1999 issue:
Trident Ploughswim
80 arrests at NATO base
Restoration and Resistance
SOA resisters out!
Truth and the Court: Helen, Rodney
Burma Imprisons Burma Activist
East Timor
Protest of WTO in Seattle
notes from behind the walls
Retrial in Britain
Michele and Larry at ELF
Paul Laffin

from the September 1999 issue:
TP2000 at the gates of hell
Michele sends word
75 arrested at New Mexico lab
War replacement system is in the making
Crimes at Bangor Base
'Retreat' to front lines
Hiroshima-Nagasaki at ELF
SOA resisters
Miigwetch (thanks)
from the Caged Poet Society

At the
St Francis of Assisi
birthday celebration,
Molly Mechtenberg
is announced by
deputy Ed as the 500th
arrested citizen in
the most recent
campaign to shut down
ELF (since 1991).

Now if we can just get
all 500 to return to ELF
on the very same day
ready to shut it down for

Molly looks ready.
Happy Birthday,
St. Francis.. and thanks,
Molly and everyone
over the years.

photo: Tom

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