dearest friends,
Remember Phil Berrigan on March 20

Phil Berrigan is a legend firmly rooted in the jail cell of reality. He has served as the iron-willed love-driven conscience of a nation for more than four decades of service and nonviolent resistance to militarism, to racism, to injustice. He has always been one willing to speak up publicly and pay up personally.

Phil joined three others last December 19 in a bid to call America's attention to the latest Pentagon environmental attack on the Earth and Her creatures. They took hammers to an A-10 Thunderbolt war plane, the "Warthog" that shoots depleted uranium shells. This has resulted in a kind of low-level nuclear war against Iraq, Serbia and wherever it's tested (e.g. Vieques, Scotland, Kansas, Maryland, and on bombing ranges contiguous to at least one Native American reservation). Phil and the others have been in an overcrowded, noisy county jail ever since.

Their trial is coming up on March 20 and will be a world-class defense; they will be represented by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark and will be bringing in Dr. Rosalie Bertell, international expert on DU, and Francis Boyle, expert in International Law.

Phil is 76 and has spent many years in prisons and jails. In his honor, can we vigil for a while this March 20? Can we show that we care about his life, that we honor his long years of sacrifice and service to ideals we hold but are too fearful to fight for with his total commitment? The four defendants face 26 years in prison; that amounts to a life sentence for Phil. Please, join others in at least a short vigil in his name on March 20.

We will stand together in our little northern Wisconsin town of Ashland that evening, from 5 p.m.-6 p.m., with candles and song, in honor of a man who has dedicated so much to the battle against global military domination. Kindly send word if you will be doing anything to note Phil's trial and I will get word to him. He stands as the Hosea, the Amos, the Jeremiah, the Isaiah of our day and his trials have been often and severe. Thank you.

Tom Howard-Hastings