massive cover-up
Banner over billboard

WEEHAUKEN, NJ -6 December:  Three activists calling themselves People of Earth were arrested for draping a massive 2,750-square-foot banner over a Panasonic billboard above the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel. The banner read: "DON'T BUY into Consumerism; SPARE THE EARTH from Overconsumption", and was unfurled to protest commercialization of the holiday season. The activists were charged with Criminal Mischief and Trespass and await trial. "We're sending a message to holiday shoppers so they take a moment to think about the repercussions of mindless consumption," said Tim Keating, one of the climbers, from atop the 120-foot-tall billboard, via cellular phone. They expressed the belief that this more-consumption agenda is at the heart of free-trade policies of the World Trade Organization, which has generated massive demonstrations in Seattle. "Our government has become a government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations and Business has become the business of America," said Tim Doody, also from atop the structure. Such acts challenging the consumerism of our culture occurred in many places at the beginning of the holiday season. In Duluth, members of Loaves and Fishes catholic worker community were dragged through the mall by a TV set which was telling them to buy more or be unhappy.