honeymooning the BOP
Naar-Obed to Alderson

Alderson WV: At long last, friend Michele Naar-Obed has been moved out of her jail cell and is now in Alderson Women's Federal Prison Camp, a place where she can at least get out and walk the track, engage in actual conversation and use the library.

"Here's an amusing story. During orientation, I asked a case manager if it is mandatory to go to halfway house. His response was, well you have such a short time and you're here on a violation, so we may not give you one. I said, let me rephrase-I don't want to go to a halfway house. His whole tune changed and he told me I needed to have very good reasons why I didn't want to go because they have to put in a waiver...schizophrenic behavior. Much love to all, Michele."

To write Michele:

Michele Naar-Obed 15007-056
Bldg. A R-3 FPC Box A
Alderson WV 24910