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Selected Articles from the Fall 99 Pathfinder:

Year 2000 Call to Shut Down and Dismantle
Hot on the Trail:  Military Plutonium-Contaminated
Wastes On the Highways to WIPP

Nuclear Shorts:
U.S. Using Food as Weapon Against North Korea
Radioactive Trojan Horse Buried at Hanford
Radioactive Scrap Metal in Your Mouth?
Hydrogen Fires Still Plague Rad Waste Dry Casks
No Safety Guarantees at U.S. Power Reactors
Russia Suggests Cutting Nuclear Arsenals in Half
Illegal & Secret Pentagon Actions
Yucca Mt. Dump Plan Still Unworkable
Anchovies Shut Down Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Waste Aboard? Railroad Crashes USA
Nuclear Weapons Convention Needs Support

Radioactive Life Styles:  Paducah…Hanford
…Rocky Flats…Savannah River…Idaho
National Laboratory
Back Door Nuclear War: U.S. and British
Warplanes, Submarines and Tanks All Fired
Radioactive DU in the Balkans
Disregarded History: New York Times Reports
on H-bomb Worker Contamination and Cover-ups, 1988-89
Action for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes

three articles on the Tromp Trident Trek:
TROMP TRIDENT TREK TO ELF commemorates U.S. atomic attacks; Walking for Peace, Working on Community;
Witness to Hiroshima

Only Risking the World
DOE and WIPP: Truth & Consequences
D5 Nine Not Guilty!

Calendar of Events


Selected articles from the Summer 1999 Pathfinder:

Headline article - NATO headquarters inspection

From the Peace Palace to the War Room:  An International Walk for Disarmament
(see also the headline article,above)
ELF Goes to War
Rad Waste on the Road to WIPP
Nuclear Shorts:
   Power Reactor Shut-Down & Disassembly: Electricity's Endless Balloon Mortgage
  NASA's Titan 4 Failures: Three out of Three
  Quakes Still Rocking Yucca Mountain Waste Site
   Failed Nuclear Waste Plan Called 'Explosive'
   British/U.S. Nuclear Waste Scam Thwarted
   Jury Refuses to Convict Plowshares in Conspiracy Trial
   Peace Activists Paul Kabat, 67, Larry Cloud-Morgan, 61, Pass On

and special e-edition reports by Nukewatch staffers:

Depleted Uranium (a three-part series by staffer John LaForge)
  Part 1
  Part 2
  Part 3
Some H-Bomb and Reactor-Borm Radioactive Isotopes: their half-lives and emissions

A truck carrying plutonium dust from 'clean-up' efforts at the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons complex travels through Colorado Springs on its way to the Waste Isolation Pilot Platn (WIPP) in Southeast New Mexico. More than 40,000 radioactive waste shipments bound for WIPP are planned over the next 35 years. The trucks will be carrying transuranic and plutonium-contaminated waste from nuclear weapons production sites across the United States.

The waste shipments could grow to more than 80,000 if the Department of Energy opens the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada, slated to receive irradiated fuel rods from commercial nuclear reactors. The waste at both sites will remain radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years. Nukewatch staffer Bonnie Urfer and volunteer Yvonne Mills traveled to Denver to help in tracking the load (above) along Interstate 25.

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