Selected Articles from the Winter 2000 Pathfinder:

Tokaimura: Japan's Neutron "Bomb"
Going Critical USA: A First-Hand Account
Editorial: Tokaimura is Here

Trident Ploughshares 2000:
Trident Acquittal Sinks In
Trident Ploughshares 2000 Continues
Observations on the Greenock Decision

Still Nixing MOX
U.S. Threatens ABM Treaty

Nuclear Shorts:
Paul Nitze Succumbs to "Nuclear Retirement Syndrome"
Hanford Plutonium Waste Growing Like "The Blob"
Demand a Nuclear Stand-Down Before Y2K
Groups Fight Radioactive Waste Incinerator
Drilling for Oil - and Radioactive Waste
Ward Valley Update
A Radioactive Road in Africa
Public Confidence Before Public Health
Chernobyl Not on the Chopping Block
Resistance Grows Against Australian Waste Dump

Previous Pathfinder Issues

Ashland County Deputy Sheriff Ed Schlotke
prepares the 500th trespass citation since 1991 at Project ELF.
Molly Mechtenberg of
the Loaves and Fishes Catholic Worker Community in Duluth
stands ready to take the case to trial.

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