It is very sad for me to know that Sam Day has died.

We met in '92. Sam came that year to be part of a march to the West Bank which was to mark Israel's 25 years of occupation. He was imprisoned for that and it was then when he heard about the Vanunu Campaign. Next day he was standing outside Mordechai's prison and from that day on he was committed to the cause.

In '93 we went on speaking tours together, in the US, and it didn't take me a long time to notice his great enthusiasm, optimism, energy, his sense of humor, his modesty and his full commitment with the will to sacrifice to and for the cause of peace.

Many times in the past years I thought about when the time comes and Sam and Mordechai meet.

However, I believe that in many ways they have already met and known each other.

Sam is not with us anymore but his memory and example will remain with us.