On Jan. 26 2001
the world
lost a great man
of peace.
Many have
wanted to share
their stories
and memories.

In memoriam
for Sam

Feb 5: from the New York Times:
Samuel H. Day, Jr., Champion of Free Speech, Dies at 74

Feb 2001: from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's Sunflower:
Tribute to Sam Day, Peace Activist

Feb 6: from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
Sam Day: A Life Moved by a Conviction for Peace

Feb 4: from Max Watts:
Sam Day Died

Feb 2: from the Isthmus:
In Memoriam: A Font of Moral Courage

Jan 31: from the U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu:
It is with great sadness...

Jan 30: from the Madison Capital Times:
Another Hero Has Fallen

Jan 29: from The Progressive:
Sam Day, Peace Activist, Journalist, Lovable Leftist, Dead at 74

Jan 29: from Nukewatch:
SAM DAY, peace activist, Oct 3 1926 - Jan 26 2001

Jan 28: from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Samuel Day Jr. Dropped First Amendment Bomb

Jan 28: from the Wisconsin State Journal:
Activist-Journalist Sam Day Dies

Jan 27: from the Madison Capital Times:
Peace Activist Sam Day Dies

Jan 30: from the Nuclear Resister:
Dedication - to our Departed Friend and Mentor, Sam Day

Feb 3: Tributes from the booklet of thoughts brought to Sam's funeral.

-Bob Smith, Brandywine Peace Community
-Fredrik Heffermehl, Oslo
-Rae Street and all CND friends in the U.K.
-Vivienne Porzsolt
-Yael Lotan, Tel Aviv
-tj (U.K.)
-Rayna Moss, Tel Aviv
-Bill Smirnow
-Dr. Makanju O. Vincent, Nigeria
-Ann-Britt Sternfeldt, Sweden
-Shinji Noma, Amnesty International Japan, Hiroshima
-Marcia Timmel
-Jeanie Shaterian, Bay Area Campaign to Free Vanunu
-Pierre Seligmann, France
-Monica McAghon, Easton Pa.
-Rev. Tom Henderson-Brooks, Bondi, Sydney
-Irma Trnka, Australian Campaign to Free Vanunu
-Sue Wareham, President, Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)
-Scott and Claire Schaeffer-Duffy
-Ernest Rodker, London
-Mary Miller, Executive Secretary, Episcopal Peace Fellowship
-Bill Anderson, Charlottesville, Va.
-Meir Vanunu

This website is an offshoot of the U.S. Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu,
of which Sam was the director until the day of his death.
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