U.S. Admits Radiation Killing H-Bomb Workers

WASHINGTON - As we've said in these pages before, radioactively, the cold war was hotter than hell. Now comes the federal government with a full-blown admission that radiation in its H-bomb factories killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, and will keep on killing. For 50 years the government not only denied that contamination in the H-bomb complex killed workers with cancer and immune system damage, but scientists, whose studies showed high cancer rates among workers, were ostracized and their studies attacked. A federal review of previous epidemiological studies, done at 14 sites, found that 22 sorts of cancers and leukemias occurred more often than expected. The report also noted that due to the latency period between radiation exposure and the onset of cancer, workers would get sick for years to come. At issue is compensation for survivors.

- New York Times, Jan. 29, 2000; & July 15, 1999.