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Nuclear Heartland. Maps and photographs of the 1,000 intercontinental nuclear missiles and 100 launch control centers of the U.S. Strategic Air Command, scattered across seven Midwestern and Great Lakes States. (see sample map, p. 72.)  What the weapons look like, how to find them, and what it feels like to stand near the fence. Also, the story of how nonviolent resisters have entered the launch sites, sometimes at great personal cost, in order to raise the visibility of these weapons of mass destruction. Edited by Samuel H. Day, Jr., with a preface by Philip Berrigan. 96 pages. ISBN: 0-942046-01-3

Prisoners on Purpose. A tour of the federal prison system, as told by peace activists sentenced to months, and sometimes years, for nonviolent resistance at nuclear weapons sites. Written mostly from behind jail doors and prison fences. The story of how prisoners cope with the loneliness, isolation, and degradation of confinement, with the help of outside supporters. Edited by Samuel H. Day, Jr., with illustrations by Bonnie Urfer. 145 pages. ISBN: 0-942046-02-1

Crossing the Line; From Editor to Activist to Inmate--A Writer's Journey. By Samuel H. Day, Jr., The personal story of a reporter and editor whose anti-nuclear activism led to six months in federal prison. Includes a first-hand account of The Progressive magazine's successful struggle against governmental censorship of a historic 1979 article on H-Bomb secrecy. 258 pages, with 8 pages of photographs. Hard cover or paperback.  ISBN: 1-879175-01-0

Radioactive Waste; No End in Sight. A concise four-part booklet about radioactivity, how we are affected by it, where it comes from and where it's going. Written by Anne Byrd-Hill. 42 pages. No ISBN.

Angels Don't Play this HAARP. HAARP is a secret undertaking in Alaska ( it stands for High Frequency Auroral Research Project), that is not unlike the Manhattan Project which gave us the atomic bomb. Angels Don't play.. is an investigation of a $30 million, all-purpose military experiment, made to beam more than 1.7 gigawatts, or a billion watts, of electric power into the ionosphere, in order to "knock out communications," "manipulate weather," produce "non-lethal effects in targeted populations" and "create nuclear weapons-sized explosions without radioactive fallout," etc. 215 pages.


1) An M-140 cask carrying high-level radioactive waste from a U.S. Navy nuclear reactor, traveling through North Platte, Nebraska.

2) An M-140 cask carrying high-level radioactive waste from a U.S. Navy nuclear reactor. Since 1957, the U.S. Navy has secretively transported over 240 metric tons of radioactive waste from ship and submarine reactors to a "temporary" storage facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. More radioactive waste is on the way.

3) An M-130 cask carrying high-level radioactive waste.


ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION. A collection of articles and research material on the topic of EMF and EMR.

TRACKWATCH. An introduction to Track Watch, a national grassroots networking and organizing project, including photographs and news clippings about Track Watch and its efforts to draw attention to Naval radioactive waste shipments. the project was initiated by Nukewatch, Knolls Action Project and Snake River Alliance.


Project ELF. The Navy's one-way, first strike communications system located in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin.

Radioactive Waste Trains; Coming on a track near you. An overview of the Track Watch project and the trains carrying radioactive waste for the Navy.

The Progressive Foundation & Nukewatch. Who we are, our history and current programs.

Cancel Cassini: NASA's plutonium roulette. September, 1997.


Nukewatch staff publishes fact sheets and updates on nuclear issues that are timely, informative and direct. They include:

Some Reactor-borne Isotopes, their Radioactive Half-lives & Emissions.

Project ELF: Trident Trigger in the North Woods.

Cassini: "A Bizarre & Insane-Sounding Scheme."

HAARP: Nuclear War in Heaven.

Ground Wave Emergency Network: Making the Rubble Bounce.

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