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It is now May, and will soon enough be August, when we will mark the 11th year of sanctions against the people of Iraq. The word is getting out, indeed, has already reached the likes of Colin Powell, that the sanctions are hugely destructive and should be abandoned as a complete failure. Unfortunately, apparently even Colin Powell cannot reach the ears of the administration.

Fortunately, there are still many people who care, and will continue to confront the American people with our government's brutal and inhumane policy. We are continuing that effort, in our modest way; with every vigil there are at least a handful of people who learn for the first time what is happening in Iraq. How many Iraqis have died at our hands? We cannot know. But we can know how many Iraqis have suffered at our hands since then: ALL OF THEM.

A related vigil was held by the Coalition Against the Wars, at the very same place, i.e. the downtown Post Office, on January 20, 2001, in response to the installation of our current government. See the newspaper coverage and vigil photos here.

May 21: VITW replies to the UK Sanctions Proposal

May 14: End the Iraq War

May 7: 'They Didn't Register Us'

Apr 30: Orwell Would Revel in 'Collateral Damage'

Mar 26: Iraq Protests Over Air Strikes

sign-on appeal

Mar 5: Americans Travel to Iraq: "Your Visit Changes

Feb 26: America Cluster Bombs Iraq

Feb 5: Deception Over Health Risks of
Depleted Uranium

All photos by Deborah Buffton.

Jan 22: Sanctions Hurt Children
More than Saddam /
Iraqi City Filled With Dread
over Depleted Uranium

Nov 13: Iraqis Still Suffer From
Gulf War

Nov 6: Iraqi Sanctions:
Without Medicine and Supplies, the Children Die

Oct 30: Sanctions Born of Indifference

Oct 23: Sanctions Hit Children Hardest

Oct 2: Selections from the Episcopal Convention,
Fr. Richard McSoreley, Gandhi

Sep 11: US Wrong on Iraqi Sanctions

Aug 28: UN Sanctions Against Iraq Only Serve US Ambition

Aug 21: Radicalized by US Disregard for Iraqi People

Aug 14: Rest of the Story: Add 49,000 Kids to the Gulf Body Count

Aug 7: Silent Hiroshima Culls a Nation's Children

July 31: from an interview with Dennis Halliday

July 24: The Ann Arbor City Council's Resolution, 7/1/00

July 17: Sanctioned Suffering

July 10: The Effects of the Sanctions

July 3: VitW's Danny Muller Speaks Out

June 26: That Was No War, It Was Homicide - and Still Iraqis Die

...ok, this is where we need to fill in when we can..

Feb 28: Siege Talk

Feb 14: George Galloway (U.K.) Charters Plane to Fly Medicine to Iraq; Hans von Sponeck (U.N.) Quits His Post

Feb 7: Christmas in Iraq

Jan 31: Jordanians Accuse U.S. of Preventing Pencils from Reaching Iraq Pupils / The Evidence Lies Dying in Beirut

Jan 24: Month-Long Fast Protests Iraq Sanctions

Jan 10: From Nick Aron's Diary

Jan 3 2000: From a Dec 22 '99 letter by Kathy Kelly and Jeff Guntzel

Dec 20/27: Weary Baghdad Residents Prepare for the Worst - Again

Dec 13: First Birthday Vigil! Alliance Says U.S., Russia Should Take Nuclear Weapons Off Alert

Dec 6: New Congressional Letter to President Clinton on Iraq Sanctions

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