These messages brought to you today by VOICES FOR PEACE/
LaCrosse Coalition Against the Wars

‘Stop the bombing of Yugoslavia and Iraq!
Lift the sanctions against Iraq!  Let them LIVE!’
La Crosse post office, June 28 1999

Since our vigil last Monday, there has been constant violence in the former Yugoslavia,
and our troops are now killing people face-to-face.
Since our last vigil a week ago, our bombers have bombed Iraq again also, several times, including today.
Since our last vigil a week ago, our 'sanctions' have killed another 1,500 or so Iraqi children.


Today's messages reprinted from the words of Peace Pilgrim:

I met a Jewish woman who had been married and living with her parents in Germany under Hitler at the time of World War II. She was married when she was sixteen. Her first child was born when she was seventeen and the second when she was eighteen. She was nineteen when three things happened to her.

The first: her home was destroyed and her parents killed by an English bomb. I guess they thought they were liberating her. The second thing that happened: her husband was taken away by the Nazis, and she assumed he was dead because she never heard from him again. The third thing that happened: she was injured and her two small children were killed by an American bomb. When I saw her she still carried the effects of the injury. Again, we were 'liberating' her.

In her injured condition she wandered round and round with the refugees. Sometimes extenuating circumstances make you take a spiritual leap. She began thinking, They have injured and even destroyed our bodies, but they have injured their own souls, and that is worse. She was able to feel compassion and pray for all connected with the situation, the killed and the killer. She was able to maintain such a good attitude that she was befriended by German people, who at the risk of their lives, got her to England where she was befriended by the English people, and eventually got to the United States.

Now obviously this represents the most amazing victory of the spirit under the most difficult circumstances you could possibly imagine. It also illustrates something else. Who or what was that woman's enemy? Was it the English who destroyed her home and killed her parents, or the Germans who killed her husband, or the Americans who injured her and killed her two small children?

The answer is amazingly obvious: it was war that was her real enemy. It was the false belief that violence will accomplish something, that evil can be overcome by more evil. That was her real enemy, and it's the real enemy of all mankind.

Little people of the world, let us never feel helpless again. Let us remember that if enough of us ask together even very big things like world disarmament and world peace will be granted. Let's ask together!

Congressman Ron Kind
House of Representatives
Washington DC 20515
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Senator Russ Feingold
United States Senate
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Senator Herb Kohl
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