from an editorial from the Boston Globe, May 9 99:

Friday nights’ intensive bombing of Serbia seemed to symbolize NATO’s entire campaign; ill conceived, badly executed, and counterproductive.

NATO has admitted bombing a hospital, a market, and the embassy of China, a country holding veto powers in the UN Security Council and already at odds with NATO over the war.  Furthermore, NATO has admitted bombing the hospital and the market with cluster bombs, those deadly anti-personnel weapons that shower death from bomblets.  In the same night, NATO bombed Bulgaria for the fifth time, a friendly country that must be growing tired of all this accidental ordnance.

…NATO didn’t mean to hit a hospital, a market, and the embassy of a very touchy great power, just as earlier on NATO did not mean to bomb a passenger train, or a refugee convoy, or a civilian bus.

…As for the Serbs, NATO keeps telling us that their ability to make war is being degraded, but the troops themselves are “hunkered down.”  Not so the civilians who happen to be in the way of NATO mistakes.  They are being degraded in a far more personal way.*
Protesters chant slogans as they carry a banner showing the Statue of Liberty with a skull face during a protest against the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade last Friday.  The bombing has prompted the largest public protests in China since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy demonstrations 10 years ago.  (AP Photo by Vincent Yu)

VOICES FOR PEACE asks:  why all this bombing and destruction, this slaughter of innocent people, this risking of another world war?  The rest of the world thinks of the US as WAR CRIMINALS.
International law REQUIRES citizens to try to stop WAR CRIMES!  (This means you – and me!)

(* a note about the above editorial:  despite its discounting the Yugoslavian army casualties, we know that there have been heavy losses in that army - and each and every one of those people was also some mother's own dear child.)