these messages brought to you today, Tax Day, by

Voices for Peace
We call for an end to the bombing of Iraq 
and Yugoslavia!
Lift the sanctions against Iraq! 
Let them LIVE!’

La Crosse post office, April 15 1999

Since our last vigil on Monday, Clinton was to go to Congress to ask for 300 more planes and lots more money to continue financing our current wars.  They estimated the request would be in the range of $2-3 billion.

Since our last vigil on Monday, who knows how many 

International passenger train #393, travelling from
Belgrade to Tessaloniki, Greece, bombed by
NATO warplanes, Apr 12 1999 -photo by TV Leskovac

depleted-uranium-coated bombs we have dropped on Yugoslavia, sowing the seeds of cancer there as we have been doing in Iraq since 1991.

Since our last vigil on Monday, who knows how many Iraqi children have died because of our economic stranglehold on them – 700 perhaps?

Contact your legislators and tell them
you want YOUR money spent on
peaceful projects – NOT MORE WAR!!

(The graph is old, but the percentages haven’t
changed much…it says that, of the money collected for income taxes, 35.5% is spent on current military operations, 16.8% finances the debt on past military operations, and all the rest gets 47.7%.)

“The Cold War military budget that was ideology-driven is now danger-driven; an unstable world requiring a Pentagon with a two-war capability.  That’s the peace dividend:  the peace of being secure with a $270 billion military budget, about $1.5 million a minute.”
 -Colman McCarthy, 1994


“The taxing authority of the U.S. government mandates the collection of taxes to maintain the institution of war.  The IRS inflicts an intense moral dilemma on me and many other people.  Our sense of moral responsibility forbids us not only to kill people, but also to pay for the killing of people.

What are we to do caught between what the state, on the one hand, says we must do and what God and our conscience, on the other, say we must do?…I write on behalf of myself and all people in the U.S. who are oppressed by the government’s legalization of homicide in warfare and forced collection of taxes to fund the same.”
-John Stoner, New Call to Peacemaking