La Crosse Coalition Against the Wars

September 11 2001 changed many things for many people, all the world over.

One consequence for us was that our vigil changed, necessarily. Instead of calling for an end to the wars against Iraq - the sanctions and the bombing - we felt it important to call for an end to ALL the wars, everywhere.

Our first ‘new’ vigil was held Friday evening, September 14, at Cameron and Riverside parks. This gathering drew nearly 150 people.

Our second ‘new’ vigil was held Monday afternoon in front of the Post Office, at our usual place, usual time. There were 16 vigillers, several of them first-timers.

Our signs, instead of ‘Let Iraq Live’ and such, bore messages like ‘Peace On Earth’ and ‘All One People’ and ‘An Eye for an Eye Makes Everyone Blind’ and ‘Build Community - Not Garrisons’ and - the old classic - ‘War is Not Healthy For Children and Other Living Things.’

There was some anger directed at us, of course; but there were also those who thanked us heartily for being there. One vigiller got a spontaneous hug from a passerby - a ‘first’ in our vigil annals.

One of our first-time vigilers offered this report:
I made a sign that said: “STOP BOMBING / DURING RAMADAN,” and joined the Peace Vigil yesterday afternoon. I shared the time with three very non-ambivalent peace activists, and had my first experience at being called a “traitor” by a man passing by. I encourage all to join in public statements toward long-term peace in the realities of this post-Sept. 11 world."

Join Us!

A vigil on the street in downtown Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001. Dozens of protesters urged Washington not to attack Afghanistan in retaliation for the terrorist attacks in the United States. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

A protester holds up a placard in front of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square during an anti-war demonstration in London Monday Oct. 8, 2001. The demonstration is against the current military strikes by Britain and the U.S. in Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)
Voices brings you these pictures because we don't have our own pictures available yet. These are nice, though; they reminds us that the hope we hold is global.
Nov 19: 7.5 Million Starving

Nov 5: Bombing Alters Afghans' View of US

Oct 29: Hidden Agenda Behind War on Terror

Oct 22: Fleeing Refugees Turn Against US Over Gunships

Oct 15: Some Excerpted Commentary About the Bombing of Afghanistan

Oct 8: Dominican Sisters, Friars Express Regret Over US Attack on Afghanistan

Oct 1: A Pure, High Note of Anguish

Sept 17: Not In Our Son's Name

Sept 10 Several Headlines Plus an Editorial (complete with eerie reference to the World Trade Center)

Aug 27: from the latest VITW mailing

Aug 28: Look at These Items That Hardly Made the News!

Aug 6 - 13: Breaking Ranks: A Fast to End the Siege of Iraq

July 30: from a VITW appeal

July 23: Statement of Denis Halliday for a Congressional Briefing

July 16: The 'Food-for-Oil' Program is a Failure

July 9: UN's Delay on Sanctions Hurts Only Iraqi People

June 25: Air Strike on Soccer Field Kills Almost Two Dozen

June 11: US, Like McVeigh, Guilty of Terrorist Attacks

June 4: Glimpses of the Iraqi Wilderness: Vignettes

Our founding organization, the Ecumenical Peace Group of La Crosse, distributed this in response to the Sept 11 bombings:

To walk as round beings on a round planet cognizant of being interwoven in a circular web of connection with all beings is to understand forgiveness.. ...from the vantage point of circular relating, forgiveness is simply returning energy; returning and receiving energy until any warp in the circle is healed, balance restored... There is no real effort, because forgiveness is the natural flow of life. There is no real loss because the flow is circular, it always returns. There is a sacrifice, a giving back that makes whole, makes holy... To remember our roundness is our first great healing, forgiving act.

-Colin Berg
Parabola, vol. XII, no. 3

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