Tribute to Sam Day, Peace Activist

from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's SUNFLOWER
February 2001

Sam Day, a peace activist, passed away on 26 January. Day was a reporter, editor and political activist who dedicated his life to exposing the wrong-doing of the US government in nuclear issues and creating public awareness of nuclear dangers. Day was imprisoned on several occasions for protesting and exposing nuclear programs. In 1993, Day was imprisoned six weeks for putting up stakes at the construction site of an Air Force communications tower near Medford, Wisconsin. He suffered a series of strokes in prison, which left him partially blind and unable to read or drive.

For his work, Day was honored with several awards including the Distinguished Reporting Award of the American Political Association (1962) and the US Fellowship of Reconciliation Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace Prize (1992). A memorial service will be held for Day on 3 February at 3pm in the Pres House chapel on the University of Wisconsin Library Mall.