I was deeply saddened and shaken to hear the news of Sam Day's sudden death. He means a lot to a lot of people, myself included. It's with great pride that I can count him as a friend and someone who was so tireless in encouraging others to activism. The world is a poorer place today as a result and I am equally saddened that Mordechai did not get the opportunity to meet someone who, possibly more than any other, has acted on his behalf.

Several years back when I was running the Australian Campaign to Free Vanunu, Sam came out to help us along and spent two great weeks of supporting and advocating for Mordechai and raising awareness of nuclear issues. During that time he lived with us. We then lived in a four story house, with 72 steps from top to bottom. Sam was staying at the top! But elderly and blind he was completely undaunted! He was great with my two young children who still remember him fondly.

During Sam's visit down under I began to listen to some of the things he had accomplished in his life and felt very privileged and honoured to befriend him. He spoke at many various venues including Sydney's infamous 'Politics in the Pub' as well as at St John's Church Darlinghurst, where Mordechai had become a Christian and decided finally to blow the whistle. One of the most significant things we did, was to go all the way to the top and meet with key politicians in Canberra to present Mordechai's case. As a result of those meetings, the Australia Senate later passed a resolution condemning Israel's treatment of Vanunu and calling for his release from prison.

But without doubt the most important part of his time with us, was to inspire and encourage us in our continued efforts and activism for Mordechai Vanunu and Nuclear Disarmament.

Sam, thank-you
for challenging our apathy
inspiring our action
and leading by example.

God Bless

Rev. Tom Henderson-Brooks
Bondi, Sydney