Dear Ms. Day,

It is in profound sadness that I write this letter to say how much I shall miss Sam, and how grieved I was by Felice´s phone message last evening. Sam was very dear to me. He was always inspiring and full of energy and skill in his political work and his humanitarian effort for Mordechai. And good to be with. Today I am very glad that I got a chance to join the three-day events in Washington, Sept. 25-28, last fall and benefit from all that Sam had done to make it happen. The atmosphere was a rare combination of high quality political analysis and deep human compassion for our friend in distress in Ashqelon.

But, what I remember most was his absolutely explosive good humour and wild cracks during the supper we had for around 100 people. I knew him as an agreeable travel companion during our two travels to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in 1996, systematic and insistent that we get down to work and have everything lined up. I was not aware of the capacity to be the head of merrymaking that I saw that night in Washington. And his courageous planning of going to jail to make his point, and his discussion of what that would entail - and how well he took care of me during the stay. I shall always remember fondly and miss my good friend Sam - and I shall remember the very charming voice and talks we had on the phone, which told me that he had the great fortune of a good wife at his side.

Med hilsen,

Fredrik Heffermehl, Oslo