Dear Kathleen and family, friends and colleagues,

I am still trying to adjust to the fact that I will no longer be able to call Sam to say hello, share news, report a success or just ask his advice and to discuss ideas and plans for the future. The news of his death was a terrible shock to me and all his many friends and colleagues here in England. It must have been so much worse for you, your family and those who worked day-to-day with Sam.

In my experience, Sam was a very special person; a real friend and colleague who I had come to admire and value. I cannot remember one instance when he dismissed or devalued a point of view or opinion. He gave each careful consideration. As I write to you I can see his comfortable smile and hear his encouraging voice.

I suppose I knew him mostly through our work together in the Campaign to Free Vanunu and I regret that we did not meet much for any length of time before 1996 at the Conference in Tel Aviv when he was such a corner stone to the success of that occasion. I wish there would have been more time to develop our friendship.

He was a true fighter for Vanunu's cause and for world peace. Always full of energy with new ideas and strategies to develop ways of reaching ordinary people as well as discomforting those in authority. He was an example to us all. He will be sorely missed in the campaign against nuclear weapons and for Mordechai Vanunu's freedom along with all the other groups he worked with: I will miss him.

To Kathleen, whose friendly voice was always so welcoming and for his children and grandchildren, this occasion must be so terribly upsetting. I hope in knowing of the admiration and value that so many had for Sam that your pain and loss will be eased.

On behalf of the Campaign to Free Vanunu here in England I send love and condolences from everyone who knew him.

Ernest Rodker, London