Photos from the National Catholic Reporter article
Protesters Hit 10 Missouri Nuke Sites
August 26 1988

Betty Lewis at L-9: Up, Over and In

Mark Stanek, Chicago, standing on silo lid of site K-11  
Ariel Glenn, Milwaukee, planting shrub inside site K-9
Jerry Zawada, Milwaukee, and Duane Bean, Chicago, inside site G-11
   Banner inside site K-4

Katie Feit, Chicago, watches as Sam Guardino, Chicago,  climbs fence of site K-10 
 Kathy Kelly, Chicago, prepares to plant
 corn inside site K-4

Sam Day, in clown suit, with Katie Willems inside site K-8
White cross commemorating victim of U.S. involvement in Central America, site K-5
Katie Feit and Sam Guardino planting seeds inside site K-10  
 Bonnie Urfer (left) and Gail Beyer, both of  Madison WI, inside site K-6
Dorothy Eber, Villa Park, IL, stands at fence inside site K-5  
 Dan McGuire, Chicago, climbs over the gate of  site K-8

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