What we left at silo K-6

This graphic shows the items laid out on top of the missile silo lid. It does not include the many potted flowers we brought; they made the place look very festive.

At the top: 'bucket with Bonnie's garden tools and empty milk bottle'
'seed packets'
' crane -- rose -- statement'
and so on.

I was a bit nervous as the Air Force personnel drove into the site. But I knew things would be all right as I watched Mary Beth greet them at the gate, and shake hands with them. Mary Beth would set them straight in no time.

It took awhile longer for the State Trooper to arrive. When he got to the gate, we told him to come on in. He called to us that the gate was locked. We told him the key was in the lock.

We had previously bought a similar lock to replace the one we were going to cut. It cost about $2 at the hardware store. Paying for the lock in court took another $500. Pentagon prices, you know.

When the trooper walked up to us, his first question was: 'Are these y'all's flowers?' We said that they were. He said, 'Well, I guess you girls are in a heap of trouble now.'

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