This is a story about life in a small village in the Ruhr district, in the  north and west of Germany, 1943-1945 - the last years of World War II.

 The players are mostly children, and women, the aged and the infirm,  since the menfolk, leftist-leaning and no friends to the German Reich,  are mostly off in prison.

 They spend their days trying to stay alive, out of the way of the German  authorities on the ground, and out of the way of the Allied forces  bombing from the air.

 Their factory, like Oskar Schindler's to the east, is a 'model of  non- production.'

 And besides helping where they can to hasten the end of the war, they  just want to have a little fun.

 This story, in English, is a re-telling, not a translation. It was originally written in German. We  would be happy to give more details, but it is an orphan story, not able to be tied officially to its  source, because it was BANNED by the AUTHOR! So, here goes. We hope  you enjoy it. And we really hope you won't prosecute us for the telling.

  The Chapters

   1. Slaughterhorse
   2. The Arrest
   3. The Warning
   4. Sonata in A Major, by Mozart
   5. Sir Charles
   6. Theft
   7. 600 Liters of Wine
   8. Accidents
   9. Pamphlets
  10. At the Cemetary
  11. The Arrangement
  12. Strategy
  13. Partisans
  14. Heaven and Earth
  15. Into the Red Mountains
  16. Interrogation
  17. Beer
  18. Physical Conditions
  19. The Wedding
  20. Quarters
  21. Christmas
  22. The Pianist
  23. In the Cave
  24. Bombs
  25. The Last Battle
  26. Fathers and Sons


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