The Des Moines Catholic Worker Community -
Who We Are

We rely on the generosity of supporters for the funds and materials needed for the hospitality we offer. We strive to be good stewards of the resources that come our way.

Because we are a community that opens our home to others, we do not seek non-profit charitable status from the IRS. We accept no government money, and we are not financially supported by any foundation or denomination. Instead, individuals, groups and individual churches donate money, food and other supplies.

As members of the Des Moines Catholic Worker Community, we are not paid for our work. We offer our time and energy in the spirit of personal sacrifice, and we invite others to do the same.

“The way we feel about it is this. No one asked us to do this work…No one asked us to start an agency or an institution of any kind. On our responsibility, because we are our brother’s and sister’s keeper, because of a sense of personal responsibility, we begin to try to see Christ in each one that comes to us.”
-Dorothy Day

Bishop Dingman House
1310 7th st
(515) 243-0765
Community members:
Fr. Frank Cordaro
Jerry Dermody
Richard Flamer
Elton Davis

Msgr. Ligutti House
1301 8th St.
(515) 282-0583
Community members:
Yusupha Sanneh
Kari Giltner
Mike & Fran Fuller

Lazarus House
1317 8th St.
(515) 246-1499
Community members:
Ed Bloomer
The Dawson family: Carla,
Julius, Joshua & Jordan
Jackie Robinson
Irving Schroeder

Chiapas House
713 Indiana Ave.
(515) 282-4781
Community members:
Bill & Jack Petsche

The Chiapas Project
Chiapas, Mexico
Richard Flamer,

Community Garden
1307 8th St.
(515) 283-0025
Garden Coordinators:
Meredith Bruns
Erick Davidson